Vehicle sound insulation.

In recent years the design of the car is undergoing changes associated with the pursuit of fuel economy and reduction in value of the car in production. It leads to the fact that the construction excludes or cuts the elements which do not affect on the formal parameters. For example, the level of noise can […]

Hyundai has created a mid-engined hatchback.

Hyundai showed a mid-rear-drive hatchback RM16 N (Racing Midship 2016) – its variants manufacturer produces the past three years. The car is built as an “experimental laboratory” to test technologies, which are worked in the unit N, engaged in “charged” models. One of these innovations was active aerodynamics. Double concept sports car is equipped with […]

Car Hyundai H1 is a true helper of the family.

The car is largely retained the features of its inverse image of Mitsubishi Space Gear and become one of the most popular family cars. Despite the impressive dimensions, the car has a turning diameter of a little more than 11 meters, which allows to park and maneuver well, taking into account the availability of rear […]