Ford Focus Headlight Removal and Bulb Replacement

Hey everyone I have a 2000 Ford Focus here in this article is going to show you a couple things the first is how to remove the headlights. And I’m also going to show you how to replace your high low and turn signal bowls. I have with me a quarter inch ratchets an extension and a T30 Torx bit. When I take out these 2 screws. Once you have those screws taken out go head and gently pull up on the headlights it doesn’t take a lot of force to take it out. And before you can completely remove the headlight you got a disconnect electrical connector. Go ahead and press out and down words on the center tab and pull the connector out. I’m going to turn over the headlight and start removing the dust covers.

2000 ford focus headlightsThe And just to give you an idea of what’s what on the right side right here are the little beams and left side is a high beam. I’m going to go ahead and disconnect the low beam. And turning counterclockwise to lift it out. For the high beam you have to depress the center tab and lift the connector out. After they can just remove the bald. And finally all the way on the right we have the cover for the turn signal. Going to lift it up. Now this one is a little more difficult to get sue there’s not a lot of space to fit your fingers through their. More info: 2000 Ford Focus headlights. So you’re gonna have to get creative going to use one finger from the top one finger from the bottom. Go ahead and turn this counter clockwise. And once you hear a little click you’ll be able to lift it out.

And that’s all there is to it I’m going to go ahead and put everything back together now. When you go to reinstall the high beam you want to push on the connector hard enough to hear a little clique. That way you know it’s in place and secured. For the low beam light go head and twist the ball clockwise and connect the electrical plug. Don’t forget to reinstall the dust covers. Go ahead and reinstalled a Ford Focus headlight but don’t forget the electrical plug. That’s gonna do for this video if you found it helpful go ahead and hit that like button as always don’t forget to subscribe and states soon for more articles.