My 2003 Toyota Highlander Review

Hi,2003 Toyota Highlander this is Ryan laid over the greens Toyota in sorry department at 2003 Highlander discern right here is a very rare vehicle one of the reasons is that only has 42000 miles. And that this is actually how we got it end it’s been through our service department just get ready go toward detail so keep that in mind. But I would images go around the exterior just show you some key features of. As you see it’s the silver metallic color. Pirates of very good on it did trade late almost brand new tires. Like a look here in the back. I’ll thing looks clean and like us that we haven’t even read through that are detailed a farm up. Spare tire your Jack O your clip your 17 of cover here usually that cover up your value.

See their their seats to fold down flat if you ever need additional storage. Very clean vehicle. HID 2003 Toyota Highlander headlights – very nice light. Good looking interior there. Do looks like they do recline back also cliff pull down flat and recline. And then if you have any car seats you do have the child to others. \They’re on the inside it’s an all weather maths. I mean just also looking vehicle I guess that only 42000 miles. That So they should have a brief overview of this vehicle our love do our show it to you I’m just give me a call if you want to commit all make sure this vehicle is ready for you.