Vehicle sound insulation.

sound insulationIn recent years the design of the car is undergoing changes associated with the pursuit of fuel economy and reduction in value of the car in production. It leads to the fact that the construction excludes or cuts the elements which do not affect on the formal parameters. For example, the level of noise can be felt only if you make a test drive of the car, and fuel consumption is specified in the technical specifications and immediately drew the attention of the buyer. But the materials that reduce noise and vibration, have considerable weight and volume, and if you apply them to the full, the car can be 50-100 kg heavier. An illustrative example is the cars Mercedes S-Class. During the change of generations with body W140 to W220 car “lost” 300 kg, but the level of comfort significantly affected.

Comprehensive car insulation gives excellent results – subjective impressions of the drive is significantly changed for the better, and the importance of this depends on the individual motorist.

Most motorists in our country, especially who estimates quality of sound, of the opinion that the factory sound insulation is supplemented. But what brand of materials to use, you decide – their properties are quite close to each other.